Kodak OLED Digital Photo Frame: Now $794.66 at Amazon


Kodak’s OLED digital photo frame is probably the most expensive digital photo frame in the world. I’ve seen it and the display quality on the OLED is really really nice. It is by far the best digital photo frame in terms of image quality. But the price is quite high. Kodak introduced it with a $999 price. Then during CES 2009 the price was reduced to $858.99 (Amazon price). Thanks to OLED-Info, I was just notified that the price has dropped even more. A quick check on Amazon.com shows a price of just US$794.66. The price is lower but the Kodak OLED digital photo frame still takes the crown as the world’s most expensive digital photo frame. By far. Can we see $499 soon in the future?

Source: OLED-Info, Amazon.com

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