Edge-Lit LED Backlight with Local Dimming: ETA 2010

sony_kdl_40zx1mI was just reading a crave post about Sony’s KLV-40ZX1M and the mention of edge-lit LED backlight LCDs not having a great picture got my attention. Crave ran some tests to see how the KLV-40ZX1M performed and came away a bit disappointed: “Lighter black levels and imperfect uniformity… the edges of the picture were brighter than the middle…” This will change in 2010.

A source has informed me that at least two major LCD manufacturers are working diligently to marry edge-lit LED backlights and local dimming. As you may already know local dimming allows for luminance control for different areas of the LCD and greatly improves contrast ratio. Edge-lit LED backlights allow for LCD TVs to get really thin. But as the crave article already mentioned black levels aren’t that great and neither is brightness uniformity.

Back-lit LED backlights can do local dimming but most are fairly thick and the marketing folks won’t have thick. So the engineers are hard at work making it both thin and high performance. To get better black levels and better uniformity the LCD industry will need to see some big strides in understanding advanced methods of manipulating light from LEDs. That will come in 2010.

Ultra-thin LCD TVs with local dimming capabilities. Imaging KURO-like performance that’s less than 1″ thick. Now that is worth waiting for.

Source: crave

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