Panasonic 2009 LCD TV Model Line Up


Panasonic introduced 8 new LCD TVs for 2009. Some will be available in March and some in May. The TC-L37X1 is available now. The sizes range from 26″ to 37″. Kind of small? Yes, it is deliberate since Panasonic wants to focus on larger sizes (42″ and larger) with plasma technology. Here is the list of the new LCD TVs for 2009 in order of size:

  • TC-L26X1: 26″, 720p, May
  • TC-L32X1: 31.5″, 720p, March
  • TC-L32C12: 31.5″, 720p, May
  • TC-L32S1: 31.5″, IPS, 1080p, March
  • TC-L32G1: 31.5″, IPS, 1080p, 120Hz, May
  • TC-L37X1: 37″, 720p, Now, US$799.95
  • TC-L37S1: 37″, IPS, 1080p, March
  • TC-L37G1: 37″, IPS, 1080p, 120Hz, May

As you can see the series that offer the most performance is the G1 series. The G1 series sport an IPS LCD panel from IPS Alpha, 1080p capability and a 120Hz frequency. One step below the G1 series is the S1 series. The S1 series sport an IPS LCD panel from IPS Alpha and are 1080p capable but the frequency is standard fair: 60Hz. The X1 series sport 720p capability and is one step down from the S1 series.

  • G1 Series: IPS, 1080p, 120Hz
  • S1 Series: IPS, 1080p
  • X1 Series: 720p, 3 HDMI
  • C12 Series: 720p, 2 HDMI

Source: Panasonic

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