Microsoft Future Workplace

Microsoft has put out a new video of how our workplaces might look like in the future. Looks pretty cool. Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s Business Division President showed the video in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Microsoft’s Business Division is working on a lot of projects and this video is the culmination of about 12 different projects that the company is currently working on. Wow. Of course, for this vision of the future of workplaces to become a reality there are too many challenges to overcome: how will the extremely thin portable displays be powered? How will we get to ubiquitous wireless connectivity? How is an extremely powerful computing (based on the instant response of these devices to touch) on an equally extremely thin portable device? How will we develop a meta-database that gathers all of this information, synthesizes and then display them all in real time (this question relates to the previous questions)? Etc., etc. But the video is still quite cool.

Source: CNET via Engadget

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