Apple 2009 17″ MacBook Pro: Matte is Good


Engadget posted up a lightning review of the 2009 17″ MacBook Pro. I’m, of course, interested on what Joshua Topolsky had to say about the display. He did say this about the LED LCD on the 15″: “… we noted that the glare on the new LED displays is so intense that it’s actually quite distracting in anything other than a lowly lit room.” So there you go.

The LCD on the left is from a 15″ MacBook Pro. The LCD on the right is from a 17″ MacBook Pro with the matte LCD option. If you need your notebook to work as a mirror from time to time then the glare-type LCD would be the right choice. If on the other hand you don’t need a mirror and would rather not have posters from the wall distracting you from your work or play, then the $50 option to get the matte LCD on the 17″ MacBook Pro is a must. Easy choice.

Source: Engadget

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