2009 17″ MacBook Pro: Nasty Artifacts


Update 2009.03.08 7:30PM PST: Some are speculating that the cause of this problem might be due to a faulty fan. Users have noticed that fans don’t increase in RPM when they should but then some have seen this problem even with properly working fans.

Original Posted 2009.03.05 8:59PM PST: On Apple’s discussion boards there is a topic titled “Unobody 17″ Macbook Pro 9600M broken gfx card?“. A user has posted up several pictures of what looks like some nasty artifacts on the LCD. The above picture is one of them. As you can see there are some vertical cyan-colored bars in the picture. A restart seems to temporarily solve the problem but will reappear in about 10 minutes. There are other users who are reporting that when the 17″ MacBook Pro is running just on the 9400M the display does not seem to show this problem. Others are saying that as heat builds up the artifacts become more nasty. Heat building up will have a lot to do with the 9600M GT running due to graphics-intense applications.

I wonder what could be causing this problem? It looks like it could have something to do with the driver ICs. But if this isn’t showing up using just the 9400M it can’t be the LCD hardware, could it?

It seems like Apple is asking users of the 17” MacBook Pro exhibiting this problem to send it back for a replacement.

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