2009 20″ iMac: iFixit Teardown


iFixit has done it again: an extremely detailed teardown of a recently-announced high-tech device. On the surgery table this time is the new 2009 20″ iMac. I won’t go through everything here; just a few tidbits regarding the display. First, the glass panel that covers the LCD is not glued on. Nor is it screwed on. Magneto will be proud: fourteen magnets hold the glass panel within the metal bezel. And that’s why iFixit used two Ferrari-red 3M ‘bondo’ suction cups (suction cup dent puller) imported from Maranello, Italy, to remove the glass panel. The rear of the glass panel has a metallic bezel with seven alignment posts. The actual magnets are located in the iMac’s aluminum front bezel. So that’s one interesting tidbit. Two more after the jump.

The second one is the LCD itself. It is an AU Optronics (AUO) part M302EW02 that was manufactured on ’09/04′. iFixit is guessing that it means that the LCD was manufactured in the 4th week of 2009. Unfortunately, the AUO part is a TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD with a viewing angle of just 170/160. Not so good in my book. But since the iMac is targeted toward consumers and not design professionals, maybe this cost-cutting decision can be somewhat understood. The 24″ iMac sports a CCFL backlight… which gets us to #3.


The third interesting tidbit is about what iFixit said about this CCFL backlight: “This particular display features four backlights, each of which require their own high-voltage AC power. All four are powered by a single large inverter.” I think what they meant to say was there are four CCFL tubes within the single CCFL backlight. Each of the CCFL tubes are then powered by a high-voltage AC connection via a single large inverter.

What a teardown by iFixit! I wonder if they’ll ever do cars…

Source: iFixit, Wired, Engadget

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