Intel Embedded Digital TV Antenna for Notebook PCs


Now this is interesting! The stars are starting to align. First we get the LCD aspect ratio transition from 16:10 to 16:9 on laptops (not all, thank goodness). Then we see Blu-ray drives get built into those 16:9 notebook PCs. Then we realize that most film isn’t 16:9 so a LCD with 16:9 is going to be marginally better than 16:10. Now Intel has figured out how to make perfect use of 16:9 LCDs on your notebook PCs: embedded digital TV antennas! Since all broadcasted HDTV is in 16:9, shows like 24 or NCIS in HD will fit perfectly. I predict productivity will suffer. The future after the jump.

With a digital TV antenna there will need to be a digital tuner, a video processor, a deinterlacer, an upconverter and a scaler (a fairly powerful GPU would most likely take over these functions) to make sure HD content looks good. Then you’ll most likely want to get a notebook PC with a 1920 x 1080 pixel format LCD, a LED backlight with local dimming, fast response times, at least a 72% NTSC color gamut, decent static contrast ratio, great viewing angles, etc. Since notebook PCs with a LED backlight all use edge-lit technology we’ll need to wait until 2010 for the local dimming part. We do see 72% NTSC LCD panels used for high-end notebook PCs. Viewing angles are a problem but when LG Display decides to offer notebook PC LCD panels with IPS technology that problem will be solved (Samsung’s PVA, Sharp’s ASV will work too). After all of these developments are completed we will end up with a super-duper portable PCTV. I see a Sony BRAVIA VAIO notebook PC in the future…

Source: Intel, Engadget

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