LCD Panel Prices Increase Slightly in March, Except for 37″ and Larger LCD TV Panels

DisplaySearch announced that LCD panel prices have increased during the first half of March with the exception of 37″ and larger LCD TV panels and 10.1″ netbook panels. Wide LCD monitor panel prices increased due to brands and OEMs restocking due to a shortage in the pipeline. Tight supply is also being experienced for smaller LCD TV panels due to an increase in demand from China. Some LCD manufacturers have begun increasing utilization rates but others are still reluctant. Increases are very small. Details after the jump.

The actual increases are very small. For instance 15.x” wide LCD monitor panel prices did not change while the more popular 19″ wide 1440 x 900 LCD panel prices increased US$2. 22″ wide 1680 x 1050 LCD panel prices increased just US$1.

Notebook PC LCD panel prices did not change in the first half of March. That includes 13.3″ wide, 14.1″ wide, 15.4″ wide and 17″ wide LCD panels.

32″ and smaller LCD TV panel prices are expected to increase in March due to rush orders from China and the US mainly due to very low inventory levels. Panel prices for 10.x” wide LCDs geared for netbook applications are expected to fall by US$1 in March.

Source: DisplaySearch, DigiTimes

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