LG LHX Series 55″ LCD TV: Video

LG LHX Series 55″ LCD TV Specifications

The LHX Series from LG looks very nice. It is very slim and the overall design is simple and elegant and devoid of large light-pulsating circular distractions. The LHX is not just looks though: it’s got a 240Hz motion-blur busting frequency, a LED backlight and wirelessly connects to the external TV tuner called Intelligent AV.

The video was taken with Kodak’s Zi6. Make sure to click on HD to get the full quality version of the video. As you can see the quality is quite nice. The Zi6 does quite a bit better when there is plenty of light. And due to YouTube’s fickleness regarding certain video formats, I had to make sure the video processing software that I am using was tweaked just right.

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