United Keys OLED Keyboard


United Key’s OLED keyboard has nine OLED keys to the left of the normal QWERTY keys. The small OLED displays seem to be about 1.6″ diagonally with each sporting a 64 x 64 pixel format. The QWERTY keys are as good as any normal keyboard goes (I am currently using Apple’s aluminum keyboard, which I prefer). As you can see from the picture the OLED keys can be easily seen during the day and night. Now only if the other keys lit up as well. The mid-section on top of the arrow keys is a bit unusual in that it has just two columns instead of three.


United Keys has developed its OLED keyboard for the primary goal of improving productivity. The OLED keys are customizable to do a number of things and the icons are themselves customizable. United Keys used OLED technology because of power consumption: the keyboard is powered by just a USB connection and does not require additional power.


My main system runs Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. After getting help from United Keys and Foxconn (partner that provides manufacturing and distribution expertise) I was not able to install the software that allows you to customize the OLED keys. I did manage to install it on one of my notebooks running Windows XP Pro SP3. However the software was a bit difficult to use and I didn’t get very far customizing it. I’m not a software programming wizard by any stretch of the imagination but I’m not a newbie either. You’ll need to be patient with the software and take some time learning it before you’ll start to experience productivity gains.

Ron over at OLED-Info made a short video review of the OLED keyboard:

The OLED keyboard is going for a MSRP of US$259.99.

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