ATI FirePro 2450 Multi-View: Connect Four Monitors

ATI FirePro 2450 Specifications

Connectivity (External): Up to 4 DVI or VGA Monitors
Connectivity (Internal): PCI Express x16 or x1
Maximum Pixel Format: 1920 x 1200 (each)
Memory: 512MB GDDR3
Graphics API: DirectX 10.1
Power Consumption: 32W (max)
Complete specifications: PDF


ATI‘s FirePro 2450 Multi-View workstation graphics accelerator allows you to connect up to four external monitors using DVI or VGA. ATI claims that it is “the only low profile dual GPU quad output card that supports both DVI and VGA.” The FirePro 2450 is geared for enterprise-level multi-display solutions but I’m sure anyone who wants a quad-display system in his/her office can enjoy it.

Source: ATI, Electronista, Engadget

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