Sony VAIO Z: Quality Test Videos


Sony makes sure that at least its VAIO Z notebook PC goes through rigorous quality testing. There is the drop test (with the lid closed and opened), shock test, pressure test, open/close lid test.

The VAIO Z notebook PC drop test with the lid closed liftsthe Z up 2.95 feet (90cm) and drops it. The test is performed on three surfaces: bottom, side and front. The result? The Z chassis remained intact and booted up with normal operation. The drop test with the lid opened involves taking the Z up to 2.36 feet (72cm) and then dropping it while the Z was running and open. The result? Chassis intact as is the functionality. The Z shock test? The front, bottom and sides of the Z is struck against a solid surface. Result? No problems with the chassis, booted up OK and operations were normal. The open/close lid test involves doing it repeatedly for 11,000 times. The hinges and LCD is fully functioning afterwards. Check out the videos here.

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