T-Mobile G1: $97.99 at Amazon

T-Mobile G1 Specifications

t_mobile_g1_smartphoneYou can get T-Mobile’s G1 smartphone at Amazon for $97.99. That’s for the black one. The white and bronze versions will cost you 22 cents less at $97.77. This is quite a deal since you’ll need to pay $179.99 at T-Mobile. Of course, you’ll need to be a new customer and sign onto a 2-year contract.

There are 45 customer reviews at Amazon and 22 of them gave the G1 5/5 stars. I’m sure you know almost everything there is to know about the G1 so I won’t bore with the details but here are some things the reviewers had to say: “Google services integration is awesome.” “Build quality was more solid than I expected.” “The touch screen is very responsive.” “The camera works very well.” “The entire phone is very customizable, and easy to use.” “The internet experience is fast and fun.” And there were some complaints: “Not very satisfactory battery life.” “T-Mobile 3G network is not available at many places still.” “The camera on the G1 is aweful.” If you want some professional opinions regarding the G1, hop on over to these guys:

  • Engadget: “… the G1’s a totally reasonable day-to-day device…”
  • cnet: “… the G1 is best suited for early adopters and gadget hounds…”
  • PC Magazine: “… the G1… is a quality phone with few bugs…”
  • The Boy Genius Report: “… the up-and-coming mobile consumer/prosumer will love the G1 as long as they know what it is… You could think of it as the adult Sidekick…”
  • Brighthand: “… its feature set is pleasing and the price is good.”

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