LG Display: 120Hz 1080p Notebook PC LCD Panels

LG Display (LGD) is the world’s largest notebook LCD panel supplier and will be upping the competition with notebook PC LCD panels sporting 120Hz and 1080p capabilities in Q2’08. 120Hz technology is generally found on higher-end LCD TVs with it filtering down to some LCD monitors. It would be really exciting to see this motion-blur-busting technology on notebook PCs! The company will launch a 1080p 17.3″ notebook PC LCD panel with a brightness of 220 cd/m2, a color gamut of 72% NTSC that just weighs 555g in Q1’09 (120Hz?). LGD is also planning to launch a 15.6″ LCD panel sporting 1080p capability and a LED backlight. LCD panels geared for netbook applications will also see a bump in the number of pixels and the aspect ratio going to 16:9: 10.1″ wide LCDs with a 1366 x 768 pixel format in Q1’09. Want it a bit larger? How about a 11.6″ LCD panel starting in April. Now the only question I have is whether LGD will its IPS technology on the higher-end panels…

Source: DigiTimes

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