MSI Wind U110 ECO: ATI GPU, 9 Hour Netbook

MSI Wind U110 ECO Specifications

Display: 10″ Wide TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 1024 x 600
Webcam: 1.3MP or 2MP (you pick)
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 Intel GMA 500
CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530
Chipset: Poulsbo (US15W, two PCI Express x1)
RAM: Up to 2GB DDR2 533MHz
HDD: Starts at 160GB
Connectivity: WiFi BGN, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, USB (3), VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, 4-in-1 Memory Card Reader
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home, Vista Home Basic
Battery: 3 or 6-cell Lithium Ion, 9 hours


Update 2009.03.17 9:55AM PST: Well that didn’t take long. The Wind U110 ECO does NOT have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 GPU. It has an Intel GMA 500 GPU. So what went? The folks at MSI made a typo in the specification sheet.

Original Post 2009.03.16 1:36PM PST: The Wind U110 ECO is an updated U110 with two very important distinctions. First the ECO version uses Intel’s Poulsbo chipset that seems to be quite a bit more power efficient as MSI is claiming a 9-hour runtime. Nine hours. Not quite enough to get you from SFO to ICN but still that’s a long time for a netbook. Second is the use of a discreet GPU. A discreet GPU on a netbook? Why yes. MSI has decided to bump up the GPU capability factor a notch by using ATI‘s Mobility Radeon HD 3200 GPU in its updated Wind U110 ECO. No GMA anything on this ECO. What is fascinating is how MSI managed to cram a fairly power-hungry discreet GPU (compared to an integrated GPU like the GMA series) and still have the thing go for 9 hours. I hope it’s true.

The display is your regular 10″ TN TFT LCD that has pretty bad viewing angles and not-so-great a color gamut but since you’ll be hunched over and close to the LCD that shouldn’t be a big problem. The 10-incher sports a 1024 x 600 pixel format that’s very good for surfing width-wise but not so great vertically. I would make use of the full-screen mode when surfing the net since I’ve heard from a few friends, who actually have a netbook, that had to scroll down quite a bit just to get to the content area. Pricing or availability has not been disclosed at this time. Hmmm… the U110 ECO is using an Atom so I would still consider it a netbook but it sure is getting close to full-blown notebook territory. Where is that line? Let me know what you think.

Source: Engadget, Tech Tree, Electronista, Slash Gear

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