Modistech Flexible OLED Display


Modistech, a South Korean firm, showcased its flexible OLED display. This OLED display can be used as a backlight for LCD applications. You wouldn’t the backlight to be flexible for normal glass-based LCDs but if LCDs shift to plastic some time in the future a flexbile backlight will be necessary. Also because this OLED light source is very thin the existence of a backlight won’t add too much to the thickness of the LCD. I’m guessing you can have OLED backlights and apply local dimming technology. That would be cool. The company is expected to volume manufacture these OLED displays in 2011 with a target price of KRW300,000 per 1 square meter. You can find more pictures at AVING.

Source: Modistech, AVING, Engadget, OLED-Display

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