Westinghouse Digital SK-32H240S: Refurbished for Just $299.95!

Westinghouse Digital SK-32H240S Specifications

You can get a 32″ LCD TV for just $299.95! The TV is Westinghouse Digital‘s SK-32H240S. The 32″ LCD TV sports a 1366 x 768 pixel format, 1200:1 contrast ratio, 75% NTSC color gamut, a 8ms response time and a bunch of connections including two HDMI ports. The SK-32H240S isn’t the most beautiful thing that your eyes have beheld but it isn’t that ugly either. The super-low price of $299.95 is unbeatable. Now you might be worried that this is for a refurbished unit. I’ve shared with you before about my feelings regarding refurbished units and here it is again: whatever might have broken with the unit broke and the company fixed it and for that you get to pay substantially less. The only difference is that the warranty is just 90 days. Hopefully PC Connection will work with any problems that you might have within those 90 days. If you are still concerned maybe there is an extended warranty that you can purchase for not too much.

Ah… it was too good to last. A click on the link that’s on cnet’s page leads nowhere. After searching for the Westinghouse Digital brand, the lowest priced 32″ LCD TV is now $349.95 for the SK-32H540S (refurbished)–still a great price but $50 more than the SK-32H240S.

Source: cnet

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