LG Display and Apple Partner to Manufacture OLED Displays

lg_prototype_oled_netbookA fascinating rumor is spreading through the Internet: LG Display and Apple is partnering up to manufacture OLED displays. Just as interesting is where the OLED display will be going into: the iPhone. And the iPod touch. And a netbook! The rumor has it that there is already a working prototype of an Apple netbook. The rumor originated from David Richards, a SmartHouse veteran who has not had the best of records when it comes to these types of rumors. But there is precedent to LG Display and Apple working together. A lot of the industry-firsts (i.e. the first widescreen notebook PC, the first 30″ LCD monitor with 2560 x 1600) came from these two working together on displays.

Engadget’s Ross Miller has it wrong when he states that two other reports are saying “… Quanta is providing the screens for an upcoming Apple netbook launching in Q3.” Quanta is the company that will be integrating, or building, the netbook. Or put it another more direct way: Quanta will not be supplying the screens for Apple’s netbook. Miller also points to LG licensing some of Kodak’s OLED technology as a sign of LG not being “… best suited to meet Cupertino’s demands.” I wouldn’t think that licensing technology is a sign of weakness. I would like to remind you that LG showcased some nifty OLED displays of its own during CES. Nevertheless it is still a rumor but wouldn’t it be great to have an even thinner iPhone with a super-cool OLED display? Yup. The picture you see is a LG prototype notebook (could be a netbook too) using an OLED display.

Source: SmartHouse, Engadget

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