Samsung N110: NC10 Successor, “Near Perfect” Netbook


Laptop: Want the closest thing to a perfect netbook? Laptop reviewed the N110 and stated that, “Samsung has created a near-perfect netbook in its N110.” High praise. So what did Laptop like?

The ergonomics on the N110 improved over an already decent NC10. The touchpad improved: it was extended from 2.3 x 1.1″ to 2.5 x 1.3″ and makes it quite a bit more usable. Battery life improved to about 8 hours. Great keyboard: 95% full-size with nice tactile feedback and a full-size right Shift key under the Enter key (I would really like all keyboards to be like this!).

The display remains the same at 10.2″ with a 1024×600 pixel format. If you are one of the few who would rather have the NC10, Amazon has it for a tiny bit less at $425.98.

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