Peek Pronto: Push Email for Less, Unlimited Texting

Peek Pronto is out. What’s different from the original Peek? Push email. That means you get email on your Pronto (almost) immediately. Exchange is now supported. All you business folks out there should be happy. Your company will be replacing your expensive BlackBerry with one of these cute little things. Texting is new and it is unlimited. UNLIMITED. That means you texting freaks out there (I saw you guys and gals on TV!) that text hundreds if not thousands each and every day should tell your parents pronto to get a… er… Pronto. They will love you for it. Search is supported. Word and PDF files can now be seen. The original Peek was $49.95. The new Pronto is $79.95 and comes in gray, gray and gray.

What’s not different? The monthly service price. It’s still $19.95/mo. No contract. Still nice. Oh, there aren’t any taxes or surcharges or extra government fees, etc. that you see on your monthly cellular bill. It’s just $19.95/mo. More videos after the jump.

Want to learn how to text on a Peek? Well, you’re in luck. They put up a short 1 minute video showing you how:

There’s even a video titled “Peekonomics 101” that shows you how you can save money:

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