Pioneer KRP-500A, KRP-500M, KRP-600A, KRP-600M: Limited to 3000 Units


Pioneer announced that it will exit the TV market. That’s no news. The new news is that Pioneer will continue to manufacture just four models until April 11, 2009. That’s not a lot of time. And those lucky models? KRP-500A, KRP-500M, KRP-600A (pictured above), KRP-600M. Pioneer will make 2500 units of the 50″ models (KRP-500A and KRP-500M) and just 500 of the 60″ models (KRP-600A, KRP-600M) and then will completely exit the TV businesses. The company will honor warranty claims until 2017: clearly in Japan but elsewhere… not so clear.

Source: Pioneer (translated), CrunchGear, Slashgear, Engadget

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