Samsung Papyrus: E-Book Reader, No WiFi, No WWAN


Samsung is getting into the e-book reader bandwagon with its Papyrus. There isn’t that much technical details available for the Papyrus but there are some:

  • An A5-sized reader, which means that it is 8.25 x 5.75″. Thickness will probably be less than 1″. Just a guess.
  • EPD (electronic paper display) has touch capability (you’ll need to use the stylus that’s included)
  • 512MB of internal memory with no memory card option
  • No WiFi and no cellular connection either

No WiFi? OK, then you’d expect it to have some WWAN connection. But nope. Not on the Papyrus. And that will doom the Papyrus unfortunately.

I would think that companies would have learned a good lesson from Amazon’s Kindle by now. You most important part about a successful e-book reader is that it needs to be supremely easy to load content onto it. Samsung’s Papyrus, for now, seems to have already failed. The target price will be under US$300 according to sources. The Papyrus is available in Europe and will be launched in Korea in June. US? Maybe.

Source: Pocket-lint, TechRader, Engadget

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