TAG Heuer Meridiist: 1.9″ LCD and OLED Phone

TAG Heuer Meridiist Specifications

Display (Main): 1.9″ TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 240×320
Display (Top): OLED
Pixel Format: 96 x 16
Camera: 2MP (1600×1200) CMOS with Mechanical Slider for On/Off
Connectivity: Bluetooth, miniUSB 1.0 (as Mass Storage), Modem, GSM, GPRS
Audio: MP3, AAC
Picture: JPEG, GIF, BMP
Video: Record and Playback (format unknown)
Battery: 950mAh Lithium Ion (28-day standby, 7-hour talk)
Dimensions: 112 x 46 x 15.5mm
Weight: 155g

TAG Heuer: You can pre-order your Meridiist now. What’s a Meridiist? It’s TAG Heuer’s high-end mobile phone that incorporates a 1.9-inch LCD for its main display and an OLED for another display on top. The 1.9″ LCD sports a 240×320 pixel format resulting in a very high resolution display.

The “Time Unit” integrates a watch on top of the Meridiist that allows you to use it as… well… a clock. And a chronograph and caller identification. The OLED display is protected by a sapphire crystal glass. There’s a video where a super-rich person who is ultra-dumb is driving and using the Meridiist–don’t do this at home kids!

The Meridiist sports a 2MP digital camera incorporates some special custom software that maximizes the image quality and color rendering. The phone has 2GB of memory so you can store about 5000 pictures on it.

Other features include a fairly extended 28-day standby time and 7 hours talk time. The target customer is clear: the upper crust. You have a choice of rubber, calfskin leather or genuine alligator leather, which is “sourced exclusively from breeding farms” and is “cut, sewed by highly qualified craftsmen.” If I actually did order this expensive phone I would definitely choose the “Black rubber” option and won’t be part of slaughtering alligators or baby cows just to have some leather on my phone.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel that is hand-brushed and polished. After that the case is coated with Titanium carbide to make it extremely durable.

There are only 11 stores, worldwide, that will carry the Meridiist: Singapore, Dubai, New York (2), Manhasset, Los Angeles (2), Beverly Hills, Seef-Rivoli, Manama-Rivoli and Doha-Rivoli. Price? If you have to ask…

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