Samsung Haptic SCH-W740: 8MP Camera Smartphone


Samsung‘s Haptic SCH-W740 can be confusing. In a good way. Is it a phone with a digital camera added on? Or is a digital camera with a phone added on? The SCH-W740 touch smartphone sports an 8MP camera that has AF (auto focus), a flash, Smile Shot, etc. The SCH-W740 sports a 3.3″ TFT LCD that is touch capable.

Face Tagging There is also a nifty feature called Face Tagging (kind of similar to what you get with your new iPhoto app on Macs). Face Tagging lets you send a SMS message or make a call by simply fingering the person in the image!

Business Card Scanner Now this is pretty cool. If it was real. I’m pretty sure this is how it goes: you take a picture of a business card and there is a small OCR software app that converts the information into a contact. Nice… but it isn’t a scanner. What would really rock is this: put the business card on the LCD and the LCD scans it! I’ve seen a prototype before at SID many years ago but not in a product you can buy.

T-DMB In other words: digital portable TV on your phone. Very nice and a whole lot cheaper (it’s free!) than paying your hard-earned dollars (or wons in this case) to purchase TV content from iTunes.

KRW900,000 The Haptic SCH-W740 is expensive. That’s about US$664 at today’s exchange rate of around KRW1355.4/US$1. But most high-end smartphones in South Korea are just as expensive. And to think that high-flying Koreans change their phones every year or two…

Source: Samsung (Korean), Engadget

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