Sony’s Field Emission Technologies Spin-Off Spins Down

field_emission_technologies_logoField Emission Technologies (FET) will be no more. The company was established in December 2006 in collaboration with TCI (Technology Carve-Out Investment LLP) and Sony. FET is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with Shohei Hasegawa as President and CEO.

FET’s mission was to promot the nano-Spindt Field Emission Display (FED) technology. The nano-Spindt FED technology was developed by Sony prior to 2006. FET was established because of the potential of nano-Spindt FED technology to dethrone LCD. The greatest advantage of nano-Spindt FED compared to LCD is that it has absolutely no motion blur using a line-sequential impulse drive where a single signal line emits a short burst of light when an electron beam hits it. In other words, light is emitted only during and within a single frame. Coupled with short-decay phosphors the nano-Spindt FED never produces a blurred image.

The company FET demonstrated its first prototype  in 2006 and a 240fps FED at CEATEC 2007.

Source: Sony (Google Translated from Japanese), Engadget, Field Emission Technologies

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