Verizon Alias2: Dynamic Button Layout

verizon_alias2_dynamic_button_layout_mobile_phoneThe button layout changes. Dynamically! Some are saying Samsung is using E Ink technology since the layout does not require power. Or it could nothing special at all. We’ll have to see once more information gets out.

1. Just so the numbers mean something:
2. Internal LCD
3. Speaker
4. Left Soft Key
5. Camera/Camcorder Key
6. Voice Commands Key
7. Speakerphone Key
8. Text Message Key
9. Send Key
10. Back/Clear Key
11. End Key
12. Voicemail/Visual Voice Mail Key

The Alias2, just like the original Alias, can be opened either vertically or horizontally. The keyboard changes what it displays based on how it is opened. Very cool.

Source: Phone Arena, Engadget

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