Yankee Stadium 103 x 58 Foot 1080p HD Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED Display


The new stadium for the New York Yankees cost US$1.3 billion. Pretty expensive. Part that enormous expensive is a display that’s just as big: a 103 by 58 foot (5,925 square feet) 1080p Diamond Vision LED display from Mitsubishi. The new LED scoreboard dwarfs the old one: it’s six times larger! The massive display makes use of more than 8.6 million (8,601,600 to be exact) LED lamps. The LED display can be split into four video streams. The giant screen is just one of 1400 other video screens. Sony won big with 550 of them being BRAVIA flat panel TVs.

Cisco is in on it too. The company will manage all those displays via an IP-based network with each of the 1400 displays having an unique IP address. Videos will be encoded in MPEG4.

Source: Wired

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