GE Security 3D HD Baggage Screening Technology

MarketWatch: GE Security will attempt to accomplish the goal of protecting “travelers with advanced high-definition 3D imaging baggage screening technology” with its CTX 9800 DSi, a part of the company’s EDS (explosives detection systems) line of products. The embedded video above will show a user zooming in and out, rotating (360 degrees) a 3D image that was captured by the CTX 9800 DSi.

GE Security’s Homeland Protection business attained TSA certification for the CTX 9800 DSi on March 26, 2009. Airports can now make use of the 3D HD baggage screening technology to look for explosives.

The CTX 9800 DSi makes use of an innovative data acquisition system called Clarity that combines the 3D imaging technology from GE Healthcare and the automated explosives detection technology from GE Security. I feel just a bit safer already.

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