Sony Ericsson T707: 1.1″ Monochromatic OLED Display


Sony Ericsson‘s T707 is Maria Sharapova’s favorite phone? Mmm… I’m not sure about that but it does have a very nice feature: a monochromatic OLED display. It’s a 1.1″ OLED display that is seamlessly integrated on the outside of the T707. The OLED display has a pixel format of 128 x 36. The camera lens you see in the picture above sports a 3.2MP sensor. The digital camera has a bevy of features including: Photo Fix, Picture Blogging, Video Blogging, Video Recording and Video Light. Of course, the inside of the T707 has a display too: 2.2″ LCD with a 240 x 320 (portrait) pixel format. The T707 will come in three very interestingly named colors: Mysterious Black, Spring Rose, Lucid Blue. You can find all of the specifications at Sony Ericsson’s T707 press anouncement page.

If you’re not into cute, pretty, Sharapova’s favorite phone type of phone, then consider the top-of-the-line Xperia X1. It’s got everything and it’ll take just about every dollar in your wallet too.

Source: Sony Ericcson, Engadget

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