Meizu M8: Very Good iPhone Rip


Photo courtesy: Engadget

Joshua over at Engadget has gotten his hands on a real Meizu M8. The stuff he likes about the M8:

Build quality is “actually pretty decent” even though it’s mostly plastic. That’s a good start. I’m guessing it’ll be lighter than the iPhone.

Removable battery is “quite large”. Very nice. The battery is removable so you won’t have to be worrying whether you brought the power adapter (even though it’s tiny) and where you can find a power socket.

Impressive Software “Quite snappy” software with style and function that is “really kind of impressive”. Well if Meizu copied the aesthetics of iPhone’s OS without all the solid underpinnings I would think it could run pretty quickly. I would wait to see if the OS is reliable though.

The M8 is an iPhone rip: hardware and software. It’s a very good rip. Let’s see how Apple responds. It’ll be interesting. There are many more pictures over at Engadget.

Source: Engadget

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