Demy: Kitchen-Safe Digital Recipe Reader

Demy Specifications

Display: 7″
Storage: Up to 2500 recipes
Connectivity: USB
Availability: May 2009
Price: US$299

Popgadget: Demy is the first and only kitchen-safe recipe reader. So that should mean that it is waterproof due to the occasional splash, drop-proof since someone will knock it over, high-temperature-proof since it will be near hot stuff, oil-proof since everyone stir-fries, scratch-proof and forks and knifes will probably hit the display. If not, then these guys are exaggerating that it is kitchen-safe. Key Ingredient is the company that thought of this (marvelous?) idea.

How do you sync recipes? You’ve got to connect the Demy with your PC. Terrible. It should have a WiFi connection. Can you scribble your own recipes on the screen? I’m pretty sure you can not. This is a MUST feature since not all ovens, stoves, microwaves, pots, pans and chefs are alike. A must I tell you!

At least you can make the text bigger so cooks with less-than-perfect eyesight can actually read text off of the Demy. The fact that you have to connect the Demy to your PC to sync recipes is a deal breaker. I would expect a WiFi connection and a scribble feature in the next version.

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