LG GD900: Transparent Glass Keypad

LG GD900 Specifications

Display: 3″
Availability: Europe and Asia in May 2009


Not a whole lot of technical specifications available at the moment but LG‘s GD900 is special. At least that’s what LG thinks. Why? The 3″ smartphone has a slide-out keypad that is transparent. And it’s glass. So what’s the big deal? The transparent glass keypad doubles as a touch-sensitive mouse pad when you’re surfing the net or navigating around the S-Class UI. You can also finger-write the letter ‘M’ to launch the MP3 player for example. Multitouch? You bet. Pinch and the photo will shrink. Finger-swipe? The 3D UI rotates. Nifty.

Source: LG (Korean), Engadget Korea, Akihabara News, Engadget

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