Samsung YP-Q2

Samsung YP-Q2 Specifications

Display: 2.4″ TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 320 x 240 (landscape)
Storage: 8GB or 16GB
Connectivity: FM Radio
Battery: 50 hours (audio playback), 7 hours (video playback)
Weight: 2.04oz
Price: $99.99 (8GB), $129.99 (16GB)


Samsung‘s YP-Q2 is a media player sporting a 2.4″ TFT LCD with a 320 x 240 pixel format (landscape). It lasts for 50 hours for audio playback and 7 hours for video. The YP-Q2 sports a FM radio, FM recorder, voice recorder and a text viewer. The 16GB version for $129.99 sounds like a pretty good deal.

Source: BusinessWire, Engadget

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