“This weekend” Pre Video: Multitasking Looks Good


This is the second video about Palm‘s hotly anticipated Pre smartphone. A soothing female (who lives around San Francisco) voice comes up and starts to get some things done on her Pre while waiting for the train, which is late. The point of the video is the seamless back-and-forth you can do with multiple apps, all running at the same time.


The lady clicks on Fandango, clicks on Watchman and buys tickets for Mike on Friday at 8pm. While she’s doing this…


… she gets an email from Allison Gupta (the bottom of the screen). The email opens after she clicks on it, she reads it…


… and then clicks her contact info that also shows whether she’s online or not (the green button next to Google). All of the applications (Fandango, Email, Contacts) are opened and can be accessed instantly. You don’t have to close and re-open each app like you have to on the iPhone.


She chats (text messaging?) with her and arranges to meet her for brunch. She wants to invite Brad who has a job opening that is perfect for Allison. She goes to check if Brad is online (nope) and sends him an email to join: “Meeting Allison. You in?” This is significant because while she is chatting with Allison she thinks of sending Brad the invitation. She doesn’t have to close the chat application to do this.


After completing these talks, the “multitask ribbon?” is activated and she clicks on the App screen, clicks on Pandora and chills.

The Pre can multitask and it does it quite well. The iPhone doesn’t multitask. Yet. One thing that I am a bit concerned about is that Palm showed off only two 3rd party applications: Fandango and Pandora. I hope there’s more.

Source: Palm

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