Twitter Wingman: A Tweeting Device

Wired has got a hands-on video with a gadget from Twitter. Yes, the Twitter we all know. Twitter is jumping into making hardware and it will be called Wingman. The sole purpose of the Wingman is to allow you to tweet. Whenever and wherever. When can you get your hands on it? June 2009. Coincidentally that’s when Apple is rumored to come out with an improved iPhone. I would just rather have one device and run a Twitter application on it. But some just want to tweet and tweet and tweet…

Here are some preliminary information about Wingman:

  • Price: $30-$40 with 2-year contract with Boost Mobile
  • Camera: 5MP with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics
  • GPS: Yes. Allows you to see other Wingmen.
  • Bluetooth: Yup. Transfer data between Wingmen.

Shaq O’Neil, John Major, Ashton Kutcher… all tweetoholics are already beta-testing the Wingman. By the way, if you’ve read so far and you’re convinced that Twitter is actually coming out with the Wingman, then you’ll enjoy this: “Happy April Fool’s Day!

Just in case… some of you didn’t get it: Twitter is not coming out with a hardware gadget called the Wingman or any hardware as far as I know.

Source: Wired

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