HannStar to Focus on Small/Medium LCD Panel Production

HannStar Display will allocate half of its overall LCD production capacity to manufacturing small/medium LCD panels by the end of Q2’08. David Joe, president of HannStar Display, stated that by the end of 2009 the company’s monthly small/medium LCD panel production capacity will reach 90,000 glass substrates.

Currently, the company’s G5.3 TFT LCD fabrication plant has a monthly glass substrate input capacity of 140,000. In March almost 43% or 60,000 glass substrates were used to manufacture mostly 7″ to 11″ LCD panels. Those sizes seem like they are geared toward netbooks, which have been growing quite rapidly. Smaller 4.3″ and 5″ LCD panel production will start in April.

Utilization rate at HannStar Display’s G5.3 fab is expected to be fully loaded this month (April). The company expects 60-70% M/M growth in unit shipments in March due to rush orders.

Although the company will be focusing half of its resources toward small/medium LCD production, HannStar Display expects to ship 4 million LCD monitors and 700,000 LCD TVs in 2009 according to David Joe.

Source: DigiTimes

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