Mobile DTV on CAT Bus in Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh, North Carolina is up to something interesting. The CAT (Capital Area Transit) bus system is being equipped with mobile digital TVs! Well, just one–the R Line bus, for now. As you can see from the picture above there are two flat panel TVs. They are both LG. There’s a reason: LG and Harris has teamed up to supply the displays and mobile transmission equipment for the pilot program. By August, the pilot program will include five CAT buses. By August 2010 there should be 20 buses with mobile digital TVs running around Raleigh.

Content is going to be an interesting challenge as WRAL and CBC New Media Group has joined forces to provide the content: WRAL programming, weather, city & CAT news and advertising (that would be LG ads). Would you be staring at one of these ‘TVs’ or will you be tapping away (or watching the TV content you want) on your iPhone or Blackberry? There are two videos after the jump.

Source: WRAL

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