Nartron iQ Power: Chrysler 200C Touch Screen System


New York Times: The 200C has zero buttons. Jason Monroe, a spokesperson for Chrysler, valiantly claimed that the company’s four-door electric car, the 200C, has zero buttons: “You won’t see a single button on this vehicle from the doors to the interior to the infotainment system.” Natron Corporation owns the technology behind the zero-button human-interface design. Apple uses the technology too.

The iQ Power integrates a touch screen system where the driver touch and drags a virtual trackball and control music (a slightly different rendition of Apple’s Cover Flow), GPS, etc. I don’t know how it is done but the settings media library in the 200C is saved into your smartphone.

The smartphone that you have can be used as a virtual key fob to control a lot of functions via the iQ Power system on the 200C. What can you control? Locks, windows, access to live interior shot, home security status, detectors (CO2 and smoke), etc. The Chrysler 200C is expected in showrooms in 2012, if the company survives that long.

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