Notebook PC LED Penetration to Reach 60% by 2010

According to LEDinside, a Taipei-based market research firm, LED penetration will reach 60% by 2010 for notebook PCs. Brands that manufacture notebook PCs are speeding up their transition from CCFL to LED backlights. But there are hurdles.

$$$ LED backlights cost about 70% more than CCFL backlights mainly due to licensing costs and the added steps to ensure brightness consistency across the LCD. The number of CCFL tubes in a notebook PC backlight is generally one with a few high-brightness models that incorporate 2. With a LED backlight there are generally several dozen for smaller sizes and about 100 for larger ones. It is difficult to get all 100 LEDs to generate the same amount of brightness and then to have them spread out across the entire LCD.

Green With Benefits There are many reasons why the backlight market is shifting from CCFL to LED. One is to get rid of mercury. CCFL technology depends on trace amounts of mercury. But mercury is a toxic material that has been polluting our ecosystem. LED technology, on the other hand, does not have mercury. Another reason why LED is favored is because it allows thinner LCDs. For notebook PCs thinner and lighter is better. LEDs also consume less energy so notebooks can last longer.

World’s 2nd Largest LED Maker Taiwan has 25% market share of LED production making it the world’s second largest LED manufacturer. Japan has about a 40% market share and is the dominant player in this market.

Source: LEDinside

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