Philips 3D Solution Division Going Away


3D is not new. But profits have been elusive. And that’s why Philips has pulled the plug on its 3D Solutions division. There will be no more development of 3D displays and content tools from Philips. The company has been developing 3D displays using a technology called autostereoscopy. What is autostereoscopy?

According to Wikipedia it is:

… a method of displaying three-dimensional images that can be viewed without the use of special headgear or glasses on the part of the user. Currently most of such flat-panel solutions are using lenticular lenses or parallax barrier. If the viewer positions their head in certain viewing positions, they will perceive a different image with each eye, giving a stereo image.

The drawbacks to this technology is that there are usually headaches and eye strain when viewing 3D content on autostereoscopic displays even for just a little while. Maybe that’s why consumers weren’t so eager to plunk down heard-earned wages for one of Philips’ 3D TVs.

Source: (Google Translated from Dutch)

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