Philips Lumiblade Experience Kit: OLED Lighting Panels Available Now

philips_lumiblade_experience_kit_oled_lighting_panelOLED-Info is reporting that Philips is now offering what the company calls the “Lumiblade Experience Kit”. What is it? The kit consists of OLED lighting panels in difference sizes and shapes that designers (or anyone) to play with. What do you do with it? You can make use of it as a kind of building block to incorporate into clothing, furniture, vehicles, jewelry, art, etc. So how much is it? Drivers €70. Panels from €70 to over €500. Samples have been available to businesses but this is the first time that these OLED lighting kits are being available to the public. Philips is planning to bring out commercial products by 2010. Cool. Where can I get it? You can get it from Philips Lighting.

Source: OLED-Info

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