Bridgestone 13″ Color E-Paper Display: Awesome


TechOn: Combine Bridgestone’s proprietary electronic powder, granular material, color filter and Wacom’s electromagnetic induction type pen input tablet and add a bit of nice product design and what do you get? A 13″ color e-paper display that looks awesome!

That proprietary powder, material and color filter is officially called QR-LPD. And that stands for Quick Response Liquid Powder Display. And the 13″ e-paper display is definitely quick taking just 0.8 seconds to refresh the screen. That’s much better than the last one from the company that took an eternity: 10-15 seconds.

To get touch to work you need fairly quick response and that’s exactly what Bridgestone did. By using the Wacom digitizer you can draw on it, make notes on it, etc. Very nice. Check out the short video to see how it actually performs (quite well!).

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