Interactive Displays 2009

Heard of Jeff Han? If you haven’t you should definitely check out his TED video on multitouch interface design:

Enjoyed the clip? I hope so. Well Jeff Han is going to be at Interactive Display 2009. IDC2009 brings together the interactive community and talk about multitouch, holography, haptics, gestures, collaborative environments, etc. to overcome development and integration challenges in displays.

Here’s a list of some of the exhibitors (the links will search through DisplayBlog for mentions of these companies): 3M, OSRAM, Kyocera, nextwindow, TouchInternational, Lumio, NUI Group, JDSU, GestureTek, stantum, immersion, MultiTouch, PQ Labs, Artificial Muscle, RPO, TAP CODE.

I will be attending the conference so let me know if you are!

Source: IDC2009

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