LG: OLED Product in Two Months


OLED Product in 2 Months OLED-Info is reporting that LG will be launching an OLED product in two months. I’m guessing it’s not an OLED smartphone since that’s been done already so it’s not going to be terribly exciting news if it is. Although an OLED smartphone from OLED would be interesting because in about two months Apple will be unveiling its upgraded iPhone. I’m guessing it’ll be an OLED-based notebook PC from LG, but it’s just a guess. What do you think?

OLED TVs in 2009 LG is also planning to release OLED TVs by the end of 2009. I was going to type, “Now this will make LG only the second company to offer a commercially available OLED TV.” Sony was first with its XEL-1. But after thinking about that, there might be many other companies working to commercialize an OLED TV in 2009. We’ll see who ends up with the title of World’s 2nd Company to Offer OLED TV. Will it be LG? Panasonic? Samsung?

High Cost According to the company, the cost of manufacturing an OLED TV is 2.1 times the cost of an LCD TV with a CCFL backlight. A LCD TV with a LED backlight costs 1.6 times that of one that sports a CCFL backlight. So that’s the reason why the new Samsung “LED TVs” are so expensive!

Source: OLED-Info

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