NAB 2009: Panasonic 3D Full HD, Twin Lens P2 Professional Camera Recorder Prototype


Panasonic is in the 3D bandwagon. The 3D Full HD twin lens P2 professional  camera recorder prototype that you see above is evidence of the company’s intentions. As you can see there are two lenses to capture 3D video, and in 1080p. Panasonic unveiled the 3D video camera at the NAB 2009 conference that is being held in Las Vegas.

Advanced Authoring Center Panasonic established the Advanced Authoring Center within Panasonic’s Hollywood Laboratory in February 2009 to support Hollywood studios in developing 3D Full HD Blu-ray disc content. Prepare your 3D glasses, there’s a 3D video I made after the jump.

DIY No More 3D content producers, up to this point, had to hand-build their own 3D production systems by using multiple 2D capturing devices. The twin-lens P2 camera recorder allows the capture of natural and high-quality live 3D images. There are no moving parts in the P2 professional camera.

I live in California and wanted to see how many 3D movie theaters are in California. It’s a long list. Check it out at MarketSaw. You can also check out a few 3D clips that I made on YouTube (search “DisplayBlog”). I used a Minoru 3D webcam to create the 3D videos. You’ll need those geeky-looking 3D glasses to see the 3D effects. Here’s one:

Source: PR Newswire

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