Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition


According to Samsung, the Tocco Ultra Edition is the world’s first full touch smartphone with a slide-out 3×4 keypad. The company’s Tocco is the UK’s best-selling contract mobile phone in 2H’08. The Ultra Edition should be able to build on the great success with some very cool features.

Haptic Touch AMOLED: First off is that the Tocco Ultra Edition uses a 2.8-inch AMOLED display. That means deep DEEP blacks, power savings, and a display that’s very thin. But that’s not all. It’s got touch. Just like an iPhone. But there’s more: haptics. The Tocco Ultra Edition vibrates when you touch so you can visually see and haptically feel when you’re touching the screen.

8MP: There’s a 8MP camera built into the 2.8-inch AMOLED smartphone. The dual-power LED flash should be helpful. There is also a front-facing camera that allows you to engage in video calls.

46-inch Tocco Ultra Edition: And Samsung is making sure that as many people as possible notice how cool the Tocco Ultra Edition is. Samsung teamed up with Cheil Worldwide and Monster Media to introduce potential customers via an 46-inch interactive window. The 46-inch screen is a replica of the Tocco Ultra Edition and is equipped with a presence detector that merges the technology of motion interaction with touch interaction. Folks can just go to the massive 46-inch Tocco Ultra Edition and play with it. You can check out the music application, camera, etc. What a FANTASTIC idea! Anyone who is remotely interested in a smartphone gets to play with it and learn about the cool features of the Tocco Ultra Edition.

18 interactive storefronts launched on April and will run through May 1. Most Samsung stores that carry the displays are located in or around central London. I sure wish I was living in London during the month of April!


Each interactive window tracks how many times someone walks past the display as well as how many times someone interacts with it. A great way to track ROI on the digital signage investment. Monster Media maintains all the displays around the clock.


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