LG 55LH90: 55″ 240Hz LED TV


LED LG’s 55LH90 is South Korea’s first 240Hz LED TV. Well, its smaller siblings 47LH90 and 42LH90 will be too. The 55″ LCD TV using a LED backlight has 960 LEDs lighting it up. It’s got local dimming too: 90 LED zones are controlled to generate a contrast ratio of more than 2,000,000:1!

240Hz The 240Hz completely eliminates motion blur. If you’re a sports fan, this is a must have. Most advanced LCD TVs employ 120Hz.

THX This is the first LCD TV to receive THX certification in South Korea. You and I probably already know that sound coming out of a LCD TV is not the greatest. Just a little while ago I did blog about Mitsubishi’s Unisen 259 Diamond Series that make use of a soundbar with 16 speakers, which should sound pretty sweet. The THX certification will certainly make the LH90 series LCD TVs sound very good.

KRW 6,400,000 The 55LH90 will cost about US$4764 (based on today’s currency rate of KRW1343.4 per US$). Quite expensive! The smaller 47LH90 is KRW4,200,00 (US$3,126) and the 42LH90 is KRW3,300,000 (US$2,456). These LCD TVs are certainly not cheap but 240Hz, a LED backlight, local dimming that generates a contrast ratio of more than 2 million to one, and THX certification should be an interesting package to some of you.

Source: LG Electronics (Korean)

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