Panasonic GH1 Test Video


retroleum, a user on flickr, posted up some shots taken by a Japan-spec Panasonic GH1. Clicking on the picture above will take you directly to a GH1 test video taken at 1080i/24fps. Looks good but slightly under-exposed and it did have a little difficulty auto-focusing on the lens cap. The really cool thing about the GH1 is the auto-focus feature while taking a video: Canon’s 5D Mark II cannot do that. Of course the GH1 is really exciting because you can take pictures and HD video with different types of lenses without going bankrupt. The 5D Mark II is much more expensive but the video quality coming out of it seems to be much better. That’s my opinion, so you should check out this video by Vincent Laforet for comparison. Let me know what you think.

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