Digital Eyewear: Glasses with Embedded Displays


HUD Head-up display. The name is unsexy. Let’s use Digital Eyewear instead. Digital Eyewear can be thought of as glasses that have display capabilities embedded within. SBG Labs, an optical technical company located in Sunnyvale, California, is developing its digital eyewear solution called DigiLens. It makes use of holographic optics technology. Those are some big words.

Holographic Optics Technology Light-emitting laser diodes, or lasers, shoot highly concentrated beams to the glass surface. Holographic gratings, which are computerized transparent devices, diffract light and bounces it back to your eyes. Or more simply: a laser is shot on the glass, the light bounces off and into your eye.

SBG is focusing on military and avionics applications. Consumer models will probably follow. And when they do, I’ll be waiting to try them on.

Source: The New York Times

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